Home Begins… By Barry Napier

We have considered the lamplight that hovers on the bedside table and found it lacking—neither
angelic nor man-made—just another way that our errors are revealed to us

and we have weighed the options that were left for us on the kitchen table, placed on fancy paper
with unnecessary letterhead as if we did not know the hand that penned the words

and we have measured the spaces along the floor where, although cold and defined against our
backs, has never felt the grinding of bodies exchanging heat and dreams and hate

and we have counted the stairs to find that they always come up in even numbers, even when
leaping past the final few, landing on an ankle that knows a thing or two about running

and we have prepared millions of meals that had no identity but became intimately connected to
us as it touched our tongues in the midst of discussing mundane things

and we have met each other here at the end of most days when we are both tired, as is the sky
and the ground from cradling us, and there are only the crumbs of each other to taste

Barry Napier’s poetry and fiction have appeared in more than 30 online and print publications, most recently including The Pedestal Magazine, Inkspill, and Kaleidotrope. His poetry collection, A Mouth for Picket Fences, is currently available through Needfire Press.

2 Responses to “Home Begins… By Barry Napier”
  1. caseyf6 says:

    Thanks for posting this and sharing on KB– beautiful poem and I shall be sampling your book!

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  1. […] My poem “Home Begins…” has been featured at the brand new Sea Giraffe Magazine.  You can read it here. […]

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