The Martius Contest is Now Closed

The jig is up. After a wonderful month of submissions, Sea Giraffe‘s inaugural Martius Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted, thought about submitting, and encouraged others to read our ‘zine, submit, or think about submitting.

We will be continuing to read and re-read each submission carefully over the next week or so, and we will announce the winners when we feel like it. Just kidding. We will obviously announce the winners once we have chosen them and notified all of our submitters.

Remember, three winners will be chosen: one for poetry, one for nonfiction, and one for fiction. From these three winners, we will delegate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes ($100, $20, $10). All submissions will be considered for publication, not just the winners. For more details on The Martius Contest (and so we don’t have to repeat the entire thing in this post), visit our submissions page or one of our other pages that may or may not include the details. Explore.




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