Litmus Test by Aaron Harme

I spent all morning watching a show about going to jail,
complete with the girl in orange chains
and too-small shirt demanding to know the location of her jaguar,
car or jungle cat I’m not sure.
She said she fired her Glock 17 into the air
and didn’t fire it at the same time,
and I thought about how complicated weapons must be getting these days.
One spits on the bullet proof glass,
waits for the saliva to slide onto the door,
spits again.

Just look up,
some proof of the inherent disinterest
of the world can already be seen,
your faults not etched in the clouds,
the sky only showing its emotions
when it’s ready to bring the thunder,
and even that has little to do with you.

Remember the man covered in ketchup when you were younger?
It wasn’t ketchup.
Barking at nothing is proof that dogs can think.
Dragonflies and bats will eat mosquitos,
but now you’re stuck with dragonflies and bats.

Look around but don’t get lost.
Keep moving.
One part of the test examines how you regain control.
Tell me again the one about the girl who burgles the bears,
sticks around for dinner and a nap.
Pencils down.

Aaron Harme is a writer of poetry and short fiction. He has a B.A. in English from East Stroudsburg University, and he is a recurring contributor at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure, where his poems “Personal Appearance” and “Existentialism for Dummies” can currently be found.

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