Martius Contest Winners, 2nd Wave Now Published

If we could justify only posting a headline without an actual post to go along with it, that is the headline we would use. The winners of the first annual Martius Contest have now been posted as our second wave of works. For those who are now confused – the Martius Contest winners and the second wave are the same thing. We decided to publish it under the 2nd Wave name as well in an effort to keep things linear and more organized (plus, we just really enjoy using that whole waves vs. issue theme to go along with the name of our magazine).

Here again are the winners:

1st Place ($100 prize) – Barney Drabek – “Talent Scout” (fiction)

2nd Place – ($20 prize) – William Henderson – “Which Dreamed It” (nonfiction)

3rd Place – ($10 prize) – Aaron Harme – “Litmus Test” (poetry)

Honorable mentions also selected for publication – Hannah Andersen – “Murmur” (poetry) and Sandy Day – “Summarizing” (poetry)

All five pieces are great, and Sandy is already making her second appearance on the pages of Sea Giraffe.  The feature piece for this issue (ahem, wave) is Barney Drabek’s short story “Talent Scout.” We recommend reading it a few times; it is a simple narrative which becomes less and less simple with multiple reads.




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