Summarizing by Sandy Day

So angry
I turn on the beach
my foot in the give way
of pebbles by the shore
the crunch and squishing futility
of the foothold.

I am not
the drowned kitten
floating so long ago –
that hot summer
when the lake putrefied
and the sun held the wind open
like a pizza oven door.

I remember his red t-shirt
the sleeves ripped right out
his freckly shoulders
round and bare and burning
and the curling smile
and the sweat
that poured from him
as we copulated there
and there and there.

The ash from his cigarette fell
his hands busy
his eyes squinting
his deep inhale.
Red hot
but he turned pale
and wrote my name on the tiles
of the bathroom stall.

Cold fish in the cooler
the condensation
of endless beers –
leaving rings on the table.
And the Shakespeare
I learned then imprinted
on my soul
and he could never catch
the white petals
shaking softly from my tree
in the evening breeze lying
on the university’s shadowy lawn
the cold stone buildings
needing no A/C.

I’m switched off.
And love lies dormant
like a cough
I recognize
when it returns
to rack my body
with a summer

A staggering inspiration in the fall of 2008 compelled Sandy Day to write again after a twenty year silence. Sandy recently completed a fictional concordance to a group of 160 poems, which she plans to publish online in serial format. Sandy lives in Toronto, Canada where she writes and edits ghost content, and manages microsites for talented peeps who have no time to market. She is always looking for ways to pay the piper!

3 Responses to “Summarizing by Sandy Day”
  1. Dale Williams says:

    Oh my….
    Seriously Sandy, your poem has just invaded my comfort zone. It rattles my whole being and I love it. I just want more.

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