About Sea Giraffe

Sea Giraffe is an online literary magazine (or whatever you would like to call an online literary enthusiast/publication/E-Zine). We publish new work sporadically as it is received, reviewed, and selected. SG is currently accepting unsolicited (since, you know, we don’t currently solicit anyone) poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, interviews, and reviews. If you have a piece of work that is not poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction or a review/interview, submit it anyway. Convince us to use it.

SG does not care if you have been previously published or not. While our aim is to only publish the absolute best work we receive, your writing history is insignificant. Authors published on this site will have their name added to our “Featured Authors” list on on home page, with a link to a website of their choice.

We hope you enjoy what you find here. Head over to our submissions page for submitting/asking questions about submitting (what a novel idea, right?). If you have any questions or concerns about submission guidelines or any other topics, feel free to contact us.

Keep reading, keep writing,


“As long as your head is above the water, you can breathe the sky.”


~ mike Maher. – Founder/Executive Editor


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