Dead White Men Tell Too Many Tales By J. Bradley

  A love letter once sutured buttonholes. Bedsheets wore boys better than regret. A check box asked for closure. A slow dance crossed the border; A three-inch heel fired the first shot. The jeweler stopped printing maps. When asked why, he said “There are no bathtubs here to leave the body; do not ask for … Continue reading

Home Begins… By Barry Napier

We have considered the lamplight that hovers on the bedside table and found it lacking—neither angelic nor man-made—just another way that our errors are revealed to us and we have weighed the options that were left for us on the kitchen table, placed on fancy paper with unnecessary letterhead as if we did not know … Continue reading

The Difference by Sandy Day

From the library I took two books one of God poems one of love And read them side by side each day and could not see the difference. O’ that you would kiss me with the kisses of your mouth! prays the solemn Sol. Surely God is not some gentle reaper but a rapacious rapper … Continue reading

Dominant Genes By Laura Hallman

It was too rainy for July. I huddled my shoulders and cupped my hand around my mouth, blowing into it to keep warm crossing the parking lot.  I approached the boy sitting on the bench outside the bus terminal.  Billy—seventeen and clever and carrot-topped and way too damn sure of himself.  He was still Billy, … Continue reading

Fixed Points in the Universe By Ashley Bethard

  This is her memory (hers, not mine; we are not the same): The cold is a smell; the smell, a particular memory – one that has stuck with me for years, long after I convinced myself I had no use for it. “The Shop,” as we called it, was an old garage-style building, large … Continue reading