Talent Scout by Barney Drabek

I had to send my first appointment home. No papers, no tryout. That’s the first rule, and it’s the most important one. Especially if you look young. If you say you’re eighteen, and you look like you might be only seventeen or maybe just barely eighteen, you have to prove it. No risks. No chances. … Continue reading

Which Dreamed It? by William Henderson

1. The first few weeks in my apartment are lonely. I haven’t lived alone in more than 12 years. My friends try, as does Holly (who I have to learn to think of as my ex-wife), and my mother is here for some of it, but most nights, I try not to hear the sound … Continue reading

Litmus Test by Aaron Harme

I spent all morning watching a show about going to jail, complete with the girl in orange chains and too-small shirt demanding to know the location of her jaguar, car or jungle cat I’m not sure. She said she fired her Glock 17 into the air and didn’t fire it at the same time, and … Continue reading

Murmur by Hannah Andersen

It’s a horrible thing, to be filled with so much poetry one cannot sleep or eat or shear the sheep or strike the wheat down. The tongue runs fluid, smoothed by the fluted bones of past perceptions and passing poems. And the poetry speaks like a dying man, whispers into the shadows of the mind … Continue reading

Summarizing by Sandy Day

So angry I turn on the beach my foot in the give way of pebbles by the shore the crunch and squishing futility of the foothold. I am not the drowned kitten floating so long ago – that hot summer when the lake putrefied and the sun held the wind open like a pizza oven … Continue reading