Martius Contest Winners, 2nd Wave Now Published

If we could justify only posting a headline without an actual post to go along with it, that is the headline we would use. The winners of the first annual Martius Contest have now been posted as our second wave of works. For those who are now confused – the Martius Contest winners and the … Continue reading

The Martius Contest is Now Closed

The jig is up. After a wonderful month of submissions, Sea Giraffe‘s inaugural Martius Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted, thought about submitting, and encouraged others to read our ‘zine, submit, or think about submitting. We will be continuing to read and re-read each submission carefully over the next week or … Continue reading

Now Accepting Submissions for The Martius Contest

As the headline so subtly implies, we are now accepting submissions for Sea Giraffe‘s Martius Contest.  First prize is $100 and publication. Second prize is $20 and publication. Third prize is $10 and publication. Entry/Reading fee is $5. Head on over to our Submissions page to read the details of the contest. While you’re there, … Continue reading