Sea Giraffe

At Sea Giraffe, our issues are called Waves. Below are links to the different Waves we have published.

  • 1st Wave (Poetry by Sandy Day, Barry Napier and J. Bradley; Fiction by Laura Hallman; Nonfiction by Ashley Bethard)
  • 2nd Wave (Martius Contest) – Submissions closed. Evaluating and selecting winners.

Sea Giraffe accepts submissions through our Submissions Manager

3 Responses to “Waves”
  1. Marcus Speh says:

    really the first response…? yay! i’m going to add your new mag to my blogroll at nothing to flawnt. please take a look at the indie lit community survey 2011 created by kill author…cheers!

    the links: http://marcusspeh.com and http://bit.ly/IndieLitSurvey – good luck with the mag!

  2. bodiep says:

    Hey there–congratulations–you just won yourselves a free book. Please contact me over at my blog, and we’ll arrange what you’d like, and where I should send it. I’d like to add your magazine to my blogroll; many of my readers would undoubtedly be happy to hear about you. Any problem with that?

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